Article is designed to help brands, businesses, and professionals reach a wider audience through immersive and expressive storytelling.

Storytelling Reimagined

Build your Article by combining photos, videos, text, maps, music, and more. Articles can be embedded on websites, email, and across multiple social media platforms.

Design Made Simple

Whether promoting a new movie, showcasing a product, or telling your brand story, Article gives you complete creative control to engage with your audience.

Mobile First

Bring your Articles to life in a fast-loading experience on Android and iOS. With rich and immersive media, Articles capture the attention of a mobile user in the first seconds after a click.

Engage With Your Audience

Article is the first comprehensive platform to seamlessly integrate with both Facebook Canvas and Instant Articles. When shared to Facebook, Articles live as native content and load instantaneously, leading to more engagement and amplified reach.

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