A celebration of photography

The Sony World Photography Awards is one of the world’s largest photography competitions. Entries will be exhibited at Somerset House in London between April 21st and May 7th 2017. Here is a stunning selection of shortlisted images and category winners.

Martin Parr – Sorrento, Italy, 2014

The World Photography Organisation announced British documentary photographer Martin Parr as the recipient of its Outstanding Contribution to Photography title. In a career spanning more than 40 years and often focussing on themes of leisure, consumption and communication, Martin Parr’s unique and ambiguous vision of the world has led audiences worldwide to find drama in the every day.

Masayasu Sakuma - Japan, 2016

Shortlisted for Category: Open, Nature

“This picture was taken in February in Nagano-ken, at an altitude of about 1700 metres. In Japan, February is the coldest season and diamond dust can only be seen on a few occasions during this time. So it took four years to make this work, adjusting contrast and tilt to get closer to my image”

Kyaw Win Hlaing – Myanmar, 2016

National Awards, 1st place

This image was taken at Sadan Cave, Pahan township, Karin State in Myanmar. The woman pictured is worshipping at a statue of Lord Buddha.

Camilo Diaz - Colombia, 2015

1st Place in Category: Open, Motion

The Colombian national underwater rugby team is immersed in white, grey, and black, fighting together for the ultimate position. The volume of water suggests a calm while the surface is in constant chaos.

Petar Sabol - Croatia, 2016

1st Place in Category: National Awards

“I used burst mode to capture this perfect moment as a kingfisher flew out of the water with a fish in his beak, wings fully spread”

Shabir Mian - Pakistan

1st Place in Category: National Awards

“I was doing some work around the area when I saw this child. He was enjoying the rain whilst walking along a railway line”

Andreas Hemb – Sweden

1st Place in Category: National Awards

“I was sitting in a hide in the pitch black night. All of a sudden a herd of cape buffaloes came to the water hole to get a drink. This image was taken at Zimanga Private Game Reserve, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. The first exposure was lit for the buffaloes and, without changing camera position, the second exposure was taken without light and focused on the stars”

Alex Andriesi – Romania

1st Place in Category: National Awards

“I wanted a sweet scene and in this photo I managed to stage a cinematic dream”

Jianguo Gong – China, 2016

1st Place in category: Open, Culture

Taken in Wuhan city in Hubei Province, China as 1300 people practice taijiquan (tai chi)

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