Getting Started

Tips & Tricks

Follow this short guide to take advantage of some of our fun and unique features. Start your story by tapping the + symbol, choosing your media, and adding a little text. After that, it's playtime.


Change the look and feel of your story in seconds by choosing from our selection of styles.


Quickly reorder your photos, videos, and text elements by tapping, holding, and dragging to a new spot.


Add a map to any type of media to give your readers an exact sense of location. Many photos and videos already have location data attached to them in which case we automatically detect the location. All you need to do is add a title.


Apply frames to your photos and videos to make your story stand out visually. You can also apply simple crops to your media if frames just aren't your thing.

Text Formatting

Format your text into a heading, quote, or list by tapping the icons at the top of the keyboard.

Text on Media

Type directly on your media by tapping your photo or video, and then tapping "text" from the on-object menu. Change the size and position of the text with the controls on the top of the keyboard. You can also add a small caption below your media by simply tapping your photo or video and filling in the caption area.

Share to Facebook

When you're finished with your story, share to Facebook to see the real magic. Your story will appear as an Instant Article (instant loading!) and your friends, fans, and followers won't even have to leave the app to view it. Sweet.

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