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Tips & Tricks

Check out this brief tutorial to learn how to best share your Article post on Facebook.

Share to Facebook within the App

The easiest way to post to Facebook is to share your story directly from Steller to your personal or business page. This method of sharing lets you set the caption text which appears above the image in the post. All other properties of the post (the image, title, and sub-heading text) are computed by Facebook and can not be changed.

Share to Facebook from Desktop

If you are sharing to your business page and want full control over the post, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1

First, navigate to your Article profile by typing your username into the following link formula:

Open the story you want to share and copy the URL.

Step 2

Paste the URL into the 'write something...' box on your Facebook Page. After the link has loaded, delete the URL text and change it to your share text.

Step 3

You can now change the heading and sub-heading from the default text below the image. Simply click the text box you want to change. Write something that best describes what's inside and makes your audience want to read on.

Now your post is ready!

Now your Instant Article is ready to go. You can post right away, or schedule it out to share at another time. Everything you can normally do with can be done with a Article post:

  • Sharing to other pages
  • Facebook Dark Posts
  • Pinning a post
  • Boosting to reach a target audience

Remember, when viewed on mobile in the Facebook app, your article appear as an Instant Article, so your audience can view it at lightning speed without leaving their app.

When viewed elsewhere, like on a desktop or other social platforms, your Article will look exactly the same, just as a web link.

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