Best Practices

Tips & Tricks

Your Article should be just as fun to create as it is to consume. Here are some tips for creating a great Article.

Article is a visual format

Make sure you have a good blend of photos and videos, usually around 6 to 8, to keep your audience visually engaged. Motion from auto-playing videos can surprise your reader in a fun way.

Keep text light and easy-to-read

Sprinkle text throughout your Article in bite-size pieces so your audience feels encouraged to continue scrolling. Use a variety of text styles like text on media, quotes, and headings to help break up your content.

Text on media?
Oh yeah!

Break stories up

Keep Articles short by breaking them up into multiple parts and link them together through the related widget. This keeps readers engaged, but keeps content bite-sized.

Learn how to add styles, frames, maps, & more
Getting Started

Add a map

If your Article mentions a location, add a map to a photo or video to give your audience interactive context.

click to see mapSan Francisco

Play with styles and frames

Switch up the style and add frames to a few pieces of media for that extra bit of visual detail.


If you have any questions, please email and we'll be happy to help.

Have fun!

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