Hand Grade collection by Havwoods

woodfloors reinvented

Χειροποίητα δάπεδα μοναδικής αισθητικής . Με πλάτος ως 50 εκατοστά και μήκος έως 4 μέτρα . Διατίθεται σε 8 στυλ.

Χρόνος παράδοσης σε 4 εβδομάδες απο την παραγγελία σας

Inspired by a floor in Prague Castle

the 500 yr old floor inside

Vladislav Hall,

Built between 1493–1502 during the reign of Vladislav II, the hall was the largest secular space (62m x 16m = 992 sqm) in Prague and belongs to the most complex structural and architectural spaces of the Middle Ages (Wikipedia)

The hall was used for banquets, receptions and coronations. Often such events came with tournaments between knights.

The access and the hall itself were build to accommodate horses.

Along the Riders Staircase mounted knights went into the hall on horseback

In 2007, Czech government ruled the floor worn out and not suitable for upcomming presidential elections.

Original 100mm thick solid Oak/Pine floor that lasted +500 years, was replaced.

Prior to replacement, archeologists gathered a treasure of artefacts: cards, prints, rings and coins. The most spectacular: an unknown peanut sead.

Designers asked Havwoods to come up with floors looking like Vladislav Hall's pre 2007 floor but performing better.

HAND GRADE is a collection of 5 aged and 3 contempory shades.

Shanklin - Featuring spectacular bleach spots, metal fills, enormous cobbeling and height differences up to 6mm.

Integrating modern technology to allow floorheating and boards widths up to half a meter.

The backs are flat. Best to glue down

Waterboil proof Birch ply, 6mm Oak back and 6-12 Oak on top


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