How to Create a Canvas

Tips & Tricks

A Canvas ad is the perfect way to create an immersive experience that also delivers a call to action. Check out this brief tutorial to learn how to best create a canvas ad and use it in Facebook’s Ad Manager.

Step 1

First, sign into the article website. This is the same log in as the mobile experience. Once correctly signed in you will see your avatar in the top right corner. Press the avatar to navigate to your profile.

Step 2

Press the balloon icon above the story you want to share as a canvas. Click ‘create’ to generate the Canvas link.

(Canvas access is only supported on approved accounts. If you need this capability please contact

Step 3

Copy this link. We will also send you an email with this link that you can use on a later date if you need.

Step 4

Before creating the ad, we always recommend taking that Canvas URL and posting it on your page as a private post or on a test page.

(Canvas’s only work on a Facebook page, NOT a personal page).

Once you are fully happy with the Canvas you can go ahead and create the ad. Navigate to the Ad Manager inside Facebook.

Step 5

Make sure to keep the ‘fullscreen experience/canvas’ un-ticked as you do not need this.

You will now see ad format options. Choose either ‘Single Image’ or ‘Single Video’. If you do choose the video option, then a further upload will be needed where it says ‘Upload Video’.

Note: Canvas Ads can only be viewed on a Mobile Feed.

Step 6

You will now see your Canvas Ad generated in the Ad Preview. You can also click to preview on your mobile device to see the full experience before you finalize the ad.

Now your post is ready!

Now your Canvas ad is ready to go.


Canvas Limitations:

  • Canvas has very limited support for fonts, assume sans-serif throughout
  • Story Reference links are not supported
  • Maps are not supported and will not appear in the Canvas

Links are partially supported:

  • A link over a full block of text will render as a button. E.g., 'Buy Now' will be a button. To buy, 'click here' will not be turned into a button and the link will be lost.
  • When a caption of an image (title or description) contains a link, the link will become a button if it conforms to button rules. The image will become tappable as a link otherwise.

Always preview your Canvas ad before you submit.

If you have any questions, please email

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