Bespoke floor by Havwoods International

Havwoods Bespoke wood flooring is a concept, not a collection. It’s your concept delivered in a way which makes it viable in a commercial situation.

Prestigious, high profile projects like the new Harvey Nichols store in Birmingham, One Tower Bridge and Ebury Square are being designed with complex patterned wood flooring, yet achieving these floors conventionally would be both massively labour intensive and highly disruptive.

The Havwoods Bespoke solution is to produce the required pattern as complete panels off site, delivering essentially a finished panel in an engineered construction: significantly quicker, far more practical on a busy site, and ensuring an excellent finish since it is achieved in a controlled factory environment.

Baskatweave - Engineered Oak, Select Grade, Micro Bevel, slightly brushed, black UV oil finish

15/4x200x327.3mm hexagon

15/4x90x321.4mm chevron piece

Diamond Patterned Woodfloors - 20/6 engineered - Suitable for installation upon underfloor heating




Metal inlaid tailor made floorboards

21/6x1000x1000mm engineered boards

Basketweave bespoke floor by Havwoods
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