UPB Board made of Resysta

UPB board made of Resysta

The rice-husk innovation

During the ripening process, grains of rice are carefully protected by their husks, which ward off intensive UV radiation and adverse weather conditions.

Rice husks provide an incredible performance. After harvesting, they are no longer needed and have to be disposed of... an expensive process. Resysta takes advantage of the valuable properties of the rice husks.

Every day we are inspired by nature. We are very happy to be able to put a waste product to such great use – for your benefit.

Resysta UPB

Resysta Universal Performance Board received the distinction “Red Dot”. With the UPB, Resysta has created an outstanding product that the expert committee for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 awarded the internationally sought-after seal of quality.

Universal Performance Boards made of Resysta are 100% water-resistant and can be handled like wood - just mill, cut, sand, screw nail, staple or bond it. The material Resysta is the world’s only natural fibre material that equals

Simowood Sheet made of Resysta

A sustainable material that looks and feels like wood, has the same versatility as wood in terms of processing and is as pliable as plastic – the essential features of SIMOWOOD made of Resysta®. The large sized sheets made of Resysta® are a real alternative to products made of wood. The polymer containing eco-friendly filler that includes rice husks is extruded to create sheet products that are specially processed to look and feel like real wood. Compared to wood-based products used in this area, the moisture-resistant sheets do not swell when exposed to water, are weatherproof and offer the benefit of anti-slip properties when wet. This makes the material suitable not only for indoor but also for outdoor use – while also conserving valuable resources.

Resysta the better wood
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