Calligraphy Jurgen Vercaemst.

Love for letters.

I am Flemish calligrapher born in 1967 in a little town in Belgium, Kuurne. Handwriting was a very important matter in my family in the sense that my father always encouraged elegant handwriting. I am fascinated by handwritten manuscripts and started collecting handwritten pieces since I was a boy.

At the age of 25, I attended my first workshop with Frank Missant, who ignited my interest in calligraphy.

That first workshop with Frank Missant, along with a documentary I saw on the local television on Brody Neuenschwander’s art, was the start of a life full of calligraphy.

Yves Leterme was my life long teacher and I attended every possible workshop with Yves. Peter Thornton and me crossed paths some 15 years ago and he raised my interest in pure letterforms, the drawing of letters, and composition/layout. He’s an endless source of inspiration to me.

Further teachers were Joke and Liesbeth Boudens, Brody Neuenschwander, Carl Rohrs, Torsten Kolle, Ewan Clayton, Christopher Haanes, Yukimi Annand, Julian Waters & Elmo van Slingerland, who expanded my knowledge and technique, and whom I’m very thankfull for.

Presently, I’m organizing workshops at our place in Ruddervoorde near Bruges, along with other calligraphers and I am teaching both at home and abroad. A highlight of my teaching was a team teaching along with Peter Thornton at the calligraphy conference in Asheville (USA) in 2015.

The pencil has been my utmost favorite tool, and at all times I carry my Moleskine notebooks with me. They are my true companions.

Italic handwriting.

Drawn pencil-lettering.

Drawn pencil lettering in notebooks.

Italic handwriting.

Fineliner, drawn lettering.

Another page in my Moleskine notebook, obviously inspirated by Peter Thornton.

Build-up lowercase lettering.

One of my hand-outs for teaching pencil lettering capitals.

Commission piece.

Build-up pencil caps.

Build-up caps with pen.

Happy birthday wishes for someone I truly admire.

Italic. Commissioned piece.

Build-up capitals. Commissioned piece.

My favorite lay-out. (or absence of any lay-out at all, as I like to call it)

Calligraphy on a wall in a nearby yoga centre. (#innerfreedomyoga)

Yves Leterme, Yukimi Annand and Christopher Haanes having a look in my notebook at a calligraphy conference in Asheville (USA). 🙂

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