Direct Response Tool

A Two-Step Marketing Test and Analysis

I recently offered a free presentation to a small group of working artists as part of a series I call Art & Entrepreneurship. In an effort to better serve the needs of this small group, after the talk, I directed them to my blog where I placed a direct response page. The short, five question survey gathered their name, email and physical address, age, and feedback on my recent talk. In addition, I asked them to share their interest in future arts-based business talks, what kind of topics they would like to learn more about, and how much they might be willing spend for a workshop. The one thing I should have done in-person, was pass around an email sign-up list. Some of the participants left without sharing their information, and I was unable to reach them later to solicit constructive criticism. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised by the turn out for my first professional presentation, as well as the overwhelmingly positive feedback on my subject matter and the talk as a whole. One of the participants even suggested I apply to be a speaker at the next Business of Art Conference the local community college hosts each year!


The individuals I used to test my direct response tool qualified as ideal clients for the arts business consulting aspect of my business plan. In the group, I had eight women, and three men. Nine participants were visual artists, one was a musician, and the other an independent author. In my talk, I established myself as both a working artist and successful entrepreneur in an arts based business. I discussed the importance of setting goals, breaking those goals down into actionable steps, and the importance of networking as an artist. I covered ways to visualize goals as small pieces of a larger goal, and went over networking options and etiquette. There was time at the end for Q&A, and many participants asked pertinent questions, not to mention, they propelled the conversations further among themselves! Within five days, I received five responses from my direct response survey.

Below is the link to my solicitation to my ideal clients to fill out my survey, followed by the introduction on my blog, and the promise of helping to build their creative business at the start of the survey.

Here are some heart-warming quotes from a few of my attendees, based on their feedback response from the direct marketing survey!

MVP Materials Gleaned from Two-Step Marketing Survey

My survey participants shared with me several great ideas for future workshops and presentations! In return for their feedback, input, and willingness to share their information, they will be informed of future Arts & Entrepreneurship talks, and a few are even interested in presenting together. The professional presentation was great experience in network building! I was pleased to discover and connect with a small group of ideal clients here in my hometown. Beyond building my network of ideal clients, I was also given a collection of topics to consider for my presentation series!

Overall, I am pleased with the results from this marketing tool. I look forward to using something similar for future talks, although I will offer more value to the survey participants in future marketing efforts.

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